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CMS_eng_05/2015 Page 5 Dr. Schnell Chemie GmbH ΄ „In our opinion, the CMS is the leading EXHIBITOR trade fair for which for us, there is no alternative. It went great; temporarily we were hardly able to move due to the vast number of visitors at our stand. Compared to 2011, the audience we had was much more international, visitors from Bulgaria, Photo: Dr. Schnell Chemie GmbH France, Spain and Turkey.“ Johann Mayer, Head of Marketing Photo: rationell reinigen SCA Hygiene Products AFH Sales GmbH: ΄ EXHIBITOR „In our view, the signifi cance and scope of CMS has further increased in this year. One reason for this is the strong interna- tional and top-class presence, which has characterised the trade fair. The who‘s who of the industry has taken the op- Whether on house walls or means of public transport – the removal of graffi ti is a major challenge. After cleaning, modern building service Photo: SCA Hygiene Products portunity to inform themselves and to providers do therefore use special sealings, which facilitate removal. AFH Sales GmbH establish and intensify contacts. We have had constructive discussions with the ency. As it may be reduced con- for powerful cleaning machinery many ways how they can provide top decision-makers and received lots of siderably by contamination (es- and equipment, as well as for new their services to customers, even positive feedback.“ pecially in rural areas or highly products and processes that sup- more efficiently. Take the oppor- polluted environments) and may port them in dealing with the dai- tunity to inform the decision ma- Markus Stojan, Vice President lead to a significant decrease in ly challenges. This is where you kers of the industry about your Sales & Marketing Region Central performance of the installations. come into play as an exhibitor at powerful and innovative range of Therefore: Only regular cleaning the CMS. Introduce the variety of products. The need for informa- of the solar modules ensures full possibilities of your products and tion of the building cleaners is energy output and only with clean innovations to the enthusiastic fair as wide-ranging as the product offers any special service that the Fast and professional and fully operational elements is visitors. Show the interested buil- portfolio of the supplier industry. customer requires. While schools Building cleaning companies are rentability correct. ding cleaning professionals the for example need to be cleaned in often commissioned if cleaning accordance with the requirements services require expensive equip- Variety of requirements – of DIN 77400, highly specialised ment or if it comes to surfaces Variety of services Advertisement cleanroom cleaning is used in which are hardly reachable and Building cleaning, winter services, companies of the high-tech, phar- that are very complex to clean. guarding and gatekeeper service, maceutical and solar industry. The This may include large windows canteen management or park care tailored offer means significant or fully glazed winter gardens. In – in all these so-called infrastruc- relief for customers – also from a this case building service provi- tural services, the companies of financial point of view. ders use demineralised water with the building cleaning trade can modern equipment. This ensures draw on decades of experience. Private households benefi t from that no disturbing chalk stains the expertise of professionals appear, which impair the bright If these services are provided by a Finally moving into the new or re- work result. By using long flexible single source, customers have one novated home – this is what all telescopic rods or aerial platforms, crucial advantage: Flexibility – and building owners are awaiting ea- the cleaning specialists reach even thus the necessary scope for their gerly. However, after construction those most inaccessible corners of core business. But modern com- usually means before cleaning roofs and facades. panies have much more to offer. work: The last traces of the cons- They advise their customers, for truction site need to be removed, Contribution to maintaining example, with regard to furnishing installations need to be cleaned the value and equipment of their buildings from dust and dirt and bathrooms Maintaining the value of buildings and properties which are as easy and living rooms need to be made and furnishings is ensured by pro- to clean as possible. This contribu- ready to move in. In this respect, fessionals through proper care and tes to maintaining the value of the the building cleaners do a great protection measures which, for ex- building (keyword sustainability) job: They do both: Intermediate ample, prolong the life of flooring. and to cost savings. The service cleaning, for example, after every In some cases, expensive replace- offer also includes special measu- major construction phase, as well ment of flooring can be avoided res for quality control and special as the cleaning upon completion through professionally executed environmental services, such as of construction. More and more renovation work. House walls or waste prevention and disposal. building service providers, off er means of transport, spoiled by much more than the professional graffiti are cleaned in such way Human, material and cleaning after construction or reno- that it protects material and the technology in synergy vation work to private households: environment. Special sealing ma- Building professionals rely on They take over the entire cleaning kes it possible to remove graffiti modern machines, equipment, in and around the house, provi- easily after repeated spoiling. cleaning and working tools to de shopping, ironing and curtains perform their work successfully. services, take care of the garden Clear the way for the sun Without them, they could not maintenance or clearing and grit- The innovative industry con- provide many of these services. ting services in winter and they sistently opens up new fields of This would result in high econo- even drive people to the doctor. activity. A fairly new field of duty mic damage and massive hygiene This comprehensive service mainly is, for example, the cleaning of problems. Performance-oriented supports working people to bring photovoltaic and solar systems. and responsible service provi- family and work in line. In this case it is all about effici- ders are therefore always looking

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