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CMS Report 2017 en Page 7 CMS app goes online this summer One for all, all for you: CMS exhibitors can receive all media services from a single source now. An application for mobile devices also ensures maximum visibility on all channels relating to the leading trade fair of the cleaning industry. ŽŽA strong trade fair presence deserves a strong media presence. Besides enjoying the yearlong entry in the Virtual Market Place®, the offi cial online catalogue of the CMS Berlin 2017, and the presentation in the new compact CMS Guide, CMS exhibitors can now also be found in the mobile application: the offi cial media off ers of the trade fair will be supplemented by an app for the fi rst time ever. This guarantees exhibitors optimum visibility on all channels relating to the trade fair. A central editorial team takes the very best care of the exhibitors attending. Whether it is a matter of the Virtual Market Place® (VMP), the CMS App or CMS Guide, with the new media concept of the CMS Berlin 2017, exhibitors will receive all the offi cial trade fair media from a single source. Moreover, they can now book additional services, upgrades and advertising directly via the exhibitor area or the VMP editorial team. The new CMS exhibitor benefi ts at a glance: • All CMS media entries (print and digital) can now be maintained, managed and released in the Virtual Market Place®. • Additional advertising and upgrade bookings can be made via the new shop directly in the exhibitor account of the Virtual Market Place®. • The online editorial team of the Virtual Market Place® is the main consulting partner with regard to the topic of media presence. • Specialists at CMS Berlin 2017 will enjoy an even broader range of information and will have access to event information, such as exhibitors, products and events, everywhere. • The new CMS app will be online as of summer 2017. The Virtual Market Place® has been optimised for all end devices – so all functions can be used when on the go, too. Preparations for an eff ective exhibition appearance cannot begin early enough. To ensure optimum planning, we therefore provide you with some useful tips and information in our Exhibitors' Guide. This way, the CMS Berlin 2017 is guaranteed to be a success for you. Phase 1 One and a half years before the start of the fair • Defi ne exhibition objectives • Draw up a rough outline of the desired stand size and shape • Prepare the budget and schedule • Send registration off • Book hotel and plan journey there Phase 2 October 2016 NB: Make use of the early bird off ers before 1st October 2016! • Plan and draw up exhibits and information material • Plan advertising, promotion • Plan PR, press work • Check if you want to take part in the CMS Purus Innovation Award Phase 3 As of February 2017 Receipt of placement proposal • Confi rm placement Phase 4 As of April 2017 Receipt of admission, down-payment invoice, exhibitor service folder and ID cards • Plan stand construction, equipment, services and stand staff • Plan communication and advertising • Edit the CMS Virtual Market Place® entry (online or via VMP service hotline) • Edit the catalogue entry • Order the stand construction and technical services • Plan and register stand activities and events • Order advertising materials (correspondence stickers, fl yers, etc.) and displays if necessary • Plan transportation, order shipping company, if necessary • Request a stand construction permit • Prepare forms to record results of meetings • Regularly check the CMS Virtual Market Place® for appointments • Maintain the profi le in the CMS Networking Tool, send and process contact requests • Order additional exhibitor or installation certifi cates, if necessary • Order entrance ticket vouchers • Submit application for the CMS Purus Innovation Award Phase 5 As of July 2017 • Arrange appointments with customers, business partners and the press at the stand • Send invitations to customers and business partners • Printing, ordering materials and business cards • Book press compartment • Book on-site advertising space, in the catalogue and in the CMS Virtual Market Place® • Organise advertising campaigns Phase 6 Early in September 2017 What should you pack to go to Berlin?: • Building and dismantling certifi cates, exhibitor passes, hotel and travel documents, entrance vouchers, business cards, visa or passport On the stand: • Delivery of equipment & information materials • Acceptance of stand construction and technical equipment by exhibitors • Stand approval by the Messe Berlin site manager • Staff briefi ng Phase 7 During the CMS 2017 Admission with exhibitor's pass as of 9 a.m., Visitors from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Customer meetings, appointments • Own visit to the fair • Participation in seminars and events Phase 8 After the CMS 2017 • Disassemble the stand • Evaluate information, off ers, press releases • Evaluate the exhibition objectives • Evaluate budget & costs • Evaluate visitor contacts • Maintain the database • Pay the fi nal invoice Hotel booking • • EXHIBITORS' GUIDE THE CMS BERLIN AVAILABLE ON ALL CHANNELS Photo: Messe Berlin Graphic: Messe Berlin

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