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CMS Report 2017 en Page 3 Since April 2016, National Guild Master of the BIV, Thomas Dietrich, has been President of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC). In an interview, the 57-year-old – independent and managing partner of the Dietrich corporate group since 1991 – reports on the 22nd World Congress of the Building Service Contracting Sector, which is taking place at the same time as CMS Berlin 2017. EXHIBITORS IN '17 "For us, the CMS is the most important dialogue and contact platform in the industry. This is where we meet our customers and business partners that we've been working with for decades. With our trade fair motto ,Fit for the future’, we're expressing the fact that we always focus on the entire range of the future challenges of our customers and thus align our range of services – from the product through the service via training and further education – accordingly. This way, we can give them the best possible and successful support. This combination, which is so characteristic of Dr. Schnell, always requires dialogue – which is precisely what the CMS is ideal for." Dr. Thomas Schnell, Managing Partner Photo: Dr. Schnell Chemie GmbH Dr. Schnell Chemie GmbH Former World Federation President, Takao Ichinohe from Japan, handed on the baton at the 21st WFBSC Congress 2016 in Tokyo. Five questions to Thomas Dietrich Mr. Dietrich, why was digitalisation chosen to be the headline topic of the congress? Thomas Dietrich: Digitalisation is currently the topic, in which our industry is intensively looking for viable solutions. Together with specialists from Germany and abroad, we want to find answers to the questions regarding which aspects of our entrepreneurial activity are affected by digitalisation. This includes, among other things, the consequences that digitalisation will have on our service processes and performance, the extent to which the importance of knowledge acquisition and the use of stored data will change, but also what cooperation with our customers will be likely in the future. Is it important to raise the issue of digitalisation to an international level? Thomas Dietrich: In the age of digitalisation, successful networking is crucial. Synergies need to be created; views should be exchanged and we should learn from each other. If we focus our attention only on our own actions, then our opportunities to develop further are limited. Our supplier market and the entire industry, the CMS trade fair as well as our customers are increasingly operating on a global scale, and trade relations are becoming increasingly complex. The WFBSC Congress regularly gives the market an excellent chance to hold an international exchange of news and views. When looking for the venue of the 22nd congress, the choice fell on Berlin. Why? Thomas Dietrich: Berlin is an attractive and lively city and, generally, always worth travelling to. But the combination of a visit to the CMS trade fair, which is being held at the same time, is the perfect opportunity to look at the innovations of the market from a different angle with the new impressions gathered at the congress. How does Germany differ from other markets in the world? Thomas Dietrich: The German market certainly differs in many areas from those of other countries. Building cleaning is a recognised trade in Germany. Thanks to our dual training system, it's not only highly professionalised but also standardised. This helps us to ensure a consistently high level of quality. We train our future employees on both the practical and theoretical aspects of the trade. Therefore, there are many different efforts to ensure that digitalisation is not overlooked in the fields of education and training. What would you recommend to companies of the building cleaner trade today, so that they don't have to start from scratch at the World Congress in Sep- tember? Thomas Dietrich: Right now, the discussion of initial experiences from industry pioneers is particularly important. Many companies in our sector are medium-sized family companies, whose business policy provides for healthy, sustainable and, above all, implementable steps forward. What's vital is that we are open to this issue and are willing to change. Everything else will follow. Always one step ahead! Berlin, Stand 200 Be in the front line when it comes to discovering the big challenges and trends of the future – and mastering your own individual applications. We look forward to the WFBSC World Congress 2017 and welcoming you at Hako’s trade fair stand! Hako – Cleanliness without compromise. 17-0241-B75-WFBSC-JP-EN Cleaning Technology · Municipal Technology Sweepmaster: sweepers and vacuum sweepers Scrubmaster: scrubber-driers For more information, visit us at 19. – 22. 09. 2017 Hall 1.2, Photo: Messe Berlin Photo: Messe Berlin INTERVIEW WITH WFBSC PRESIDENT Since April 2016, Thomas Dietrich has been President of World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC).

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