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CMS-Report_07_2015_ENG Page 3 “Apansion, since 2013 the and work is now taking place on awareness of these issues.will result in a greater long termbeen introduced commercially,fter a long period of ex- volume of orders received by the new tests for fl oor cleaning machi- cleaning machinery industry has nes. This should be acknowledged The background conditions for stabilised and levelled off . In 2014 politically, instead of the use of CMS 2015 are not bad. However, the industry’s turnover was rough- one’s own labels. we must continue to pay attention ly the same as in the previous year. to a number of important subjects, On the German market the appro- Secondly the industry is concerned the fi rst of them being that of intel- ximately 50 suppliers of cleaning with the “Internet of Things“. The lectual property. Admittedly, the systems for commercial and indus- increasing digitisation of the world weakness of the euro makes it hard trial applications, employing some of work, Industry 4.0 and the sub- for Asian manufacturers in parti- 5,200 people, achieved a turnover ject of “Big Data“ will acquire grea- cular to gain a foothold in Europe. of just under 930 m euros last year. ter importance for the cleaning ma- Nevertheless we must be careful, Around 72 per cent of the output chinery industry too, as a force for especially at trade shows, not to by German manufacturers is ex- promoting innovation and growth. off er a sales platform for copies ported. German suppliers have an Internet-based technology off ers of our own developments. With 49 per cent of the market. Photo: Messe Berlin improving system productivity. For measures such as the introductionthis in mind the leading Europeantrade shows are working togetherand have introduced a number ofa means of controlling and moni-toring machinery, thereby redu-cing mechanical downtimes and 18 per cent share of the world mar- ket, and in Europe they account for On the domestic market the fi rst buyers the reliability and availabili- of stricter registration conditions. quarter of 2015 was stable, com- Markus Asch, Chairman of the Trade Association for Cleaning Systems in the VDMA. ty of equipment are major factors pared with the turbulence on for- in their purchasing decisions and For the manufacturers of cleaning eign markets. Positive tendencies the Energy Effi ciency Directive and to coordinate eff ectively on the can be further enhanced through machines the growing internati- were apparent, for example in a new subject now under discus- approach to the EU Ecolabel. The the use of new technology. onal dimension of this event is a the USA and the United Kingdom, sion, the EU Ecolabel. In Septem- other facets concern the require- major factor in assuring the long and the situation also stabilised in ber 2014 an Ecodesign Regulation ments of customers. For many ye- The third subject concerns the pu- term success of CMS in Berlin. This Spain, but such important markets came into force for commercial ars the larger cleaning companies blic perception of cleaning. With is one of the aims of the second as Russia and Brazil in particular, vacuum cleaners, the implementa- in particular have been pursuing this in mind the cleaning industry’s international CMS Congress, along continue to be of concern to com- tion of which creates problems in their own sustainability concepts associations, the cleaning products with a number of other selective panies, with no apparent signs of particular for market supervisory which, in some cases, far exceed industry and the machine manu- activities such as CMS events in an improvement. authorities and for individual busi- the statutory requirements. The facturers have acted in unison to various export markets, providing nesses. A number of cases have manufacturers of machinery ap- launch a campaign entitled “Euro- information there about this trade Three aspects are of particular im- already been uncovered of inade- ply some ambitious, cross-sector pean Cleaning Days“, featuring a show. portance to the industry, and as quate of incorrect labelling of ma- evaluation methods in their eff orts number of existing and new events far as the subject of sustainability chinery. The Energy Effi ciency Di- to achieve more effi cient use of aimed at giving a higher Euro- The machine manufacturers regard is concerned, there are two facets: rective is only being translated into resources and energy, which have pean-wide profi le to the subject CMS optimistically and are looking national law with some hesitancy been developed by the European of professional cleaning. Despite forward to high attendance levels The fi rst of these concerns the legal in the member states of the EU. industry association EUnited. Eva- a somewhat hesitant start the as- and many interesting discussions, requirements from Europe as de- It would appear that the various luation tools for oil-heated high sociations hope that, by repeating new contacts and a greater inter- fi ned by the EcoDesign Directive, authorities in Brussels have failed pressure cleaners have already the various activities annually, this national dimension to this event.“

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